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Friday, October 14, 2016
By White of Dublin
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It's Okay to Say Yes... even if it's the first dress you tried on

Welcome back! This is the third installment of our series "It's okay to say Yes..." and this time it's all about why it's completely okay to say Yes to the first dress you ever tried on. Sounds crazy right? Choosing the first dress? Well we're here to tell you it isn't crazy at all! Keep scrolling to find out why and kick those pesky hesitations to the curb.

With all of the dresses out there, what are the odds that the first dress you put on is "the one"?! Actually, it's somewhat likely. If you are at a boutique where the consultant takes time to understand what it is you're looking for and is choosing dresses for you along with allowing you and your entourage to choose some, there's a good chance he or she will choose the dress that you absolutely LOVE (even if you wouldn't have chosen it for yourself). Once you're in the first dress and can't stop looking at yourself in the fitting room, it's time to go out and show everyone you brought with you. Your friends and family are ooh-ing and ahh-ing and you're walking around the boutique as if you're ready to walk down the aisle right then and there - this is a sign to your consultant that this could be your dress.


Of course you'll need to try on a few more just to be sure, but your consultant will ask you to compare each dress to the first one. If you keep thinking about that first dress and can't shake the feeling it gave you, put it back on and let your consultant "jack you up", as they say, to give you the full picture. Once you're back on that pedestal in front of your loved ones and your eyes light up and that 100-watt smile is stuck on your face, this is your dress. Don't let the fact that this was the first wedding gown you ever tried on stop you. If you feel in your heart that this is the dress, just say "Yes"; it'll never be the wrong decision.


If you feel that you can't commit right then and there, no worries! We suggest that you keep this dress as your top runner, if you choose to continue to shop around. If you need to sleep on it, we understand that as well. This is a huge decision in your life. Who knew it could be this easy? Honestly, if you wake up the next morning with that same smile on your face, you know in your heart that this is your dress. Go back and try your gown on only. Knowing that you're only trying that first gown on will reassure you that this is the gown. And again, who knew it could have been that very first gown! It's almost as magical as the first time you laid eyes on your fiancee! So if that first dress gives you those giddy bridal feels, SAY YES!!! 

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