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Thursday, November 03, 2016
By White of Dublin
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It's Okay to Say Yes... even if that special someone isn't at your appointment

Here we are again to talk about why it's Okay to say "Yes" to your dress. This week it's all about what to do if you find your dress but that special person isn't at your bridal appointment. For most brides, they have a special someone that they want to share this experience with. Whether it's your mom, grandma, sister, or dad, their opinions matter and can make or break that "say yes" moment. So what happens if a bride finds her dress but is hesitant to say "yes" because that someone isn't there? Keep reading to find out!

A wedding gown shopping experience is so important - and who a bride brings with her to that appointment is even more so. So what happens when a bride is at an appointment and finds a gown she simply cannot live without but the most important person to them wasn't able to make it? No worries! Here are a few options that can make them feel like they aren't missing a thing!


1. Send pictures! Sending pictures is always a great way to include someone if they aren't at the appointment. Send some of the good, some of the bad, and of course, send them pictures of the dress that makes you weak in the knees! While smart phone photos often lose many details, showing that special person these pictures in real-time will make them feel included and gives them the chance to share their opinion while the appointment is happening. Even if they can't see all of the details, the smile on your face and the beauty shining through will be more than enough for them to be on board with your #1 choice. (Be sure to check with your consultant to make sure it is okay to take pictures in the boutique.)


2. Videochat! Today, almost everyone has a way to videochat through some kind of social media (Facetime, Google Hangout, Facebook, or Skype - just to name a few). Ask your consultant if there is Wifi you can log onto to get a stronger connection. You can even ask your consultant to hold your phone/tablet for you and go through all of the details of the gown - just like if this person was sitting right there. (Again, be sure to check with your consultant to make sure this is okay.)


3. Book a second bridal! If this is the dress of your dreams but the person missing from the appointment can't receive the pictures or is not able to videochat at the time of the appointment, say Yes! to the dress and to a second bridal appointment when the person is able to come. This way you can relive the experience all over again AND that special someone is there to witness it all. If this is the dress for you, they will be sure to love it too.


4. Do all of the above! Each of these options on their own is great, but all of them combined is even better! Send pictures and take videos and videochat with them in real time PLUS book a second bridal so this person gets the best of everything. The pictures and videos can serve as a preview for the in-person "reveal" and it will feel like they were with you every step of the way.


Whichever way you decide to go, just remember this is your day and those that love you most just want you to feel like the most beautiful bride in the world in the dress of your dreams.


Stay tuned for our next post when we discuss why you should still say yes to a dress you fell in love with but weren't expecting to!

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