It's Okay to Say Yes... (5)
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Tuesday, December 20, 2016
By White of Dublin
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It's okay to say Yes... even if it's a different dress than you expected

Congratulations! If you've been riding along with us on this journey of the 7 reasons to say YES to your dress, then you know you are more than halfway through! This week we are going to be discussing why it's absolutely okay to say yes to a dress that is totally different than what you thought you wanted.

Each bride is incomparable to the next;. they have different visions for their weddings and how they picture themselves at that "I Do" moment. At every appointment, we always ask our brides "what styles are you interested in?" (the more specific, the better) to give us the best understanding of the look they desire. Many times, this will spark ideas in your consultant's mind of all the different dresses in the boutique that could work for that vision including one or two "curve-ball" dresses that might not be what you ever would have imagined. These are often gowns that most people have never seen before, no matter how much time they spend on Pinterest. They are meant to put brides a little out of their comfort zones without compromising the original overall feel the bride is going for.


Often times, these "curve-ball" gowns are quite unflattering on the hanger which is why a bride may not go for it right away. But a good consultant knows that as soon as any of these dresses are on a bride BAM!, they're stunning! While not only the bride, but her entourage are just loving the unique look, sometimes this can start to make a bride panic. She may say things like "this isn't what I originally saw myself in" or "I'm just surprised by how much I really like this look". Even though this dress isn't like anything a bride has seen before, doesn't mean it isn't the right dress. That's why there are bridal professionals! And we understand that sometimes a bride needs to take in and process all of this new information and rethink all the images she had in her head. But once she comes to terms with the fact that it's OK to go with something new to them, she'll be so thrilled that she did!


Now you may be asking yourself "Why would my consultant bring me something that doesn't 'fit' my description?" Well, the answer is because it may actually fit your criteria, BUT is something you never would have imagined. For example, you tell your consultant you are interested in:

- A-line

- Straps

- Lace

- Maybe sparkle


And they bring you:


This dress is a DROP DEAD GORGEOUS drop waist, full-skirted a-line with metallic lace all over the bodice and throughout the absolutely stunning cathedral train. It has illusion lace straps with a sweetheart neckline underneath; it is an incredibly unique gown that would make any bride feel like a million bucks.


So even though this dress actually does fit all of the parameters you gave, this dress is so unique and is something that no one besides the designer could dream up, it is something that you probably never would have pictured. At the end of the day, whichever dress makes you feel the most beautiful is the right dress for you regardless if it is exactly like you thought or something completely different.


See you next year for our last two tips!


Happy Holidays!

White of Dublin, xoxo

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