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Tuesday, October 03, 2017
By White of Dublin
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With 2018 Bridal Market right around the corner, brides are anxiously awaiting to see what new trends will be hot for the upcoming wedding season. While most designers stay true to their personal designing styles, they set their sights on the horizon of what they believe will be the hottest new trends brides will crave for their 2018 weddings. With brides like Pippa Middleton and Miranda Kerr wearing statement classic gowns for their weddings, we are sure to see a return of classic and clean. But, that’s not all! Low backs with beautiful detail are still in demand.  Bell sleeves, off the shoulder, and long sleeves are “in.” Floral lace and appliques are making an appearance. The 2018 Bridal Collections are something to be truly excited about. Here’s the scoop on just a few of the trends that will be showcased in New York.



Classic & Clean


The most timeless and traditional gown is the classic A-line style silhouette. While last season, we were seeing more sleek and fitted gowns making their way through the bridal industry from designers, we’ve noticed the come-back of A-line style gowns. A-line style gowns are fitted in the bodice and make an “A” silhouette from the waist down, whether it be slim, flowy or a fuller A-line. Designers like Sassi Holford and Anne Barge are known for their classic  A-line silhouettes. PIppa Middleton wore a beautiful a-line style gown by Giles Deacon. Pippa’s dress is sure to make an iconic statement, just like her sister Kate’s did in 2011.

Along with A-line silhouettes, we are seeing more structured fabrics such as silk satin, mikado and damask trending again. Designers like Rosa Clara, Pronovias and Robert Bullock  are known to use of these fabrics. Structured fabrics lay beautifully, and are crisp and clean in their appearance. You will also see these fabrics in fitted styles such as trumpet and fit-and-flares.  The use of these fabrics create a very classic, timeless look. Some designers are adding other fabrics such as lace to create a more modernized look for brides who don’t want to be too traditional, but still have that classic and clean look.



Photo by By Justin Tallis/WPA Pool/Getty Images.

Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier

Off Shoulder


The off the shoulder look is really making its way into the bridal fashion world! Off the shoulder styling is a very elegant look that adds a romantic touch to any gown. It is a strictly decorative look, meaning it gives little, or no support. However, some designers, like British designer, Ian Stuart, are adding elastic to off the shoulder sleeves to allow for ease of  movement and more functionality. Off the shoulder straps can be designed quite creatively, whether with beading or without. They can drape elegantly down the arm, be soft and romantic, or more structured like that of a portrait collar. Celebrity brides like Emmy Rossum and Idina Menzel both had off the shoulder gowns. One downside to off the shoulder straps is they can restrict upward movement of the arms. Designers recognize this and are now making many of the straps removeable. So, not only do removable straps give the bride an option of two distinct looks, practically speaking, once the straps are removed, she can now raise the roof without limitation!



Floral Lace & Illusion


Lace is one of the most used fabrics in all of bridal. We see all sorts of lace from alencon lace to chantilly lace. These laces are more traditional in their design elements. We expect to see more floral motif lace coming in for the 2018 collection. Floral lace has a more modern look to it. We also expect to see a mix of laces- modern lace meets traditional. We expect to see dresses with these various laces mixed with other fabrics on the runway this season.


Illusion (the barely there looking skin-toned or ivory netting) will maintain its popularity down the aisle this season. Illusion is used on gowns where beading or lace is appliqued to make it appear that the design is floating or flowing upward or downward. Illusion is most often used used on sleeves, bodices and backs of dresses. However, cutting edge Israeli designer, Galia Lahav, uses illusion throughout her gowns to create an ethereal see-through sexy, yet glamorous or romantic look.


Illusion is versatile. It can help provide support or allow for a dress to appear backless without the use of straps. Pronovias and Martina Liana are two fantastic designers to incorporate both modern lace and illusion beautifully into their designs.



Photographed by Galia Lahav


Blusher veils


Years ago blusher veils were all the rage! Blusher veils, once the most traditional look for a bride, are making a modern comeback! A blusher is a veil that covers the bride’s face.  Most recently, brides were opting for single layer veils without blushers. Although single layer veils are still very popular, blushers are back! With this, we expect designers to showcase blushers at Bridal Market this week. We look to see both classic clean edge blusher veils, as well as blusher veils with elaborate details like lace and beading.  


Traditionally, whoever walked the bride down the aisle would lift the blusher from the bride’s face and “present her” to her fiance. However, both then and now, blushers were sometimes not worn over the face at all. They were worn in the back to add fullness and a modern twist. So, whether you want to embrace tradition and wear a blusher over your face or add a modern edge with volume in the back, a blusher may be the veil for you!




Bridal Market is the place to be to see the new and upcoming wedding dress styles and trends. We are excited to see what is ahead for our future brides! Stay tuned this weekend as we give you sneak peeks behind the scenes into the latest bridal designs to grace the runways via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!



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